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What follows is a selection of genuine unsolicited comments on my services which I have received from current and past clients:

‘Thank you for this excellent work. This has been an interesting illustration of what you, as a professional researcher, can do that I think almost impossible for an, even reasonably experienced, amateur like me’,
G.C. England.

‘I really appreciated the fact that you could deal with Kew Archives which I find totally confusing, although I have seen some fascinating original documents there....However many records there are online I have found a lot of the real information by going to the original record offices. Ancestry has a lot of stuff which isn't properly transcribed but that makes searching online quite hard....
I feel that I would have gone off the beaten track several times without your help. One of the ways I found especially helpful was that you gave me clues what to look for. We all seem to do a lot of floundering about and sometimes some real guidance and background knowledge just opens the door. You told me about the gypsies, how to look for Sarah Fagg under her mother's name, poor relief records, things which just guided me in the right direction’.
A.P. Edinburgh.

‘If anything ever happened to your Settlement and Removal Index, it would be the biggest disaster since the Commonwealth Gap".
P.E., Kent, England.

"Thank you so much for all the information that arrived today. It is far more than I had expected and I do appreciate the amount of thought and work that has gone into it".
B.T., Cheshire, England.

"I count myself as extremely fortunate to have acquired your services - each package you send is eagerly awaited. Once again, I'm delighted with your thorough, highly professional search."
I.P., Oxford, England.

"First may I complement you, not only on your thoroughness, but on how you set out the facts in such an interesting manner. I was totally delighted with your letter".
E.M., Queensland, Australia.

"Miss Rickard, that was one very fine piece of sleuthing. I have to tell you, I'd almost given up on your ever finding the elusive John Henry, but persistence, knowledge, patience and skill eventually paid off."
B.W., Ontario, Canada.

"What your research is uncovering I find fascinating and it is definitely achieving what I wanted, and that is to further my knowledge of my ancestors' lives."
J.G., Western Australia.

"I'm extremely pleased that I wrote to you and even more pleased - if that is possible - with your results... The certificates, postcard, telephone pages all add to a thoroughly professional research."
B.C., Rorotua, New Zealand.

"You have spoiled me; your work is now my benchmark when evaluating others. I value your thoughtful, considered, thorough approach."
S.C., Massachusetts, U.S.A.

"Your commitment to your clients' interests is truly impressive."
V.V., Surrey, England.

Contact information:
Miss G.Rickard, Kent, England
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